German engineers able to 3D print a sense of humour

Image - Flickr
Image – Flickr

It’s being described as the best thing for hostels since bunkbeds were invented. German engineers have finally found a way to send millions of young travellers abroad with the ability to make sense of funny things. In the near future they even hope that the new technology will allow Germans to form their own jokes that other nationalities will get.

Hans Friedman from German Personality Labs Inc says:

“We are happy to announce that our citizens will no longer have to sit quietly at the end of the table when other people tell funny stories”.

The groundbreaking technology will be released for preliminary testing just before this years Oktoberfest – held annually in the Bavarian city of Munich. Hans told us –

“Every year there are many violent situations involving tourists that want to make a tour (sic) from the UK or Australia. They sometimes laugh and take pictures of the lederhosen we wear and we don’t like that.”

We don't understand
We don’t understand

Asked how the new science would help he responded.

“The sense of humour is 3D printed right here in our top-secret lab and then taken orally. Within minutes the subject will gain an understanding of situational humour, taking the piss, sarcasm and even laughing at small children falling over.”

We can’t wait.

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